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Welcome to our website where you can access information from the company with over 20 years of experience in Maritime Customs, and the services we provide, an area for quotes, as well as location data, phone, contact forms and more.

Also the services we offer as Import & Export of different products as well as our maritime and naval engineering services for your comfort and agility in its customs clearance we have a space quotes and contacts for that. We are committed to the treatment and quality in each of our services and become unique in the region.

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It is very important to have verified, updated and assigned prosecutors Importers homes mainly because they are not accepting virtual addresses in which for purposes of Article 10 of the Tax Code, is not referred to as Home of Individuals or Morales Offices virtual, why Customs Altamira raised in last dates Proceedings of Home Administrative Procedures in Customs Matters in which it is determined that the taxpayer does not exist or could not be reached. This for to be in order before the SAT and avoid any inconvenience. Read more about this article.

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Date:16/01/2024 Dollar: $16,8580 M.N.
Date:17/01/2024 Dollar: $16,8983 M.N.

    This information is the web page of obtained of DOF

The Ministry of Economy, published in the DOF 04/11/2014 Announcement of the item quoted, in which he disclosed the last day of validity of antidumping duties for certain products such as carbon steel pipe with longitudinal seam fastball native UK, hot rolled sheet originally from Russia and Ukraine, liquid caustic soda originating in USA, rods of iron or non-alloy steel originating in Ukraine, corrugated rod originating in Brazil, among others. It is then attached to this, the table on which the dates on which they cease to apply these countervailing duties are as follows:

•Any domestic producer of goods listed in the table below may express their interest to initiate a proceeding to determine the consequences of abolishing the countervailing duty applicable.

•The deadline is 25 working days before the end of the term that corresponds in the officialdom of parts of the UPCI. Read more about this article.

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