Who are we?

We are a company founded in 1999 and every year we have progressed to offer the best in our services


Keeping our satisfied business partners, providing quality and efficiency dispatches import or export shipments we are conferred.


Consolidating our company as a logistics company, so we can offer the best and most reliable door to door service.

Main Tasks

Achieving excellence in service, to obtain ISO-9000 certification. And expansion and continued growth in our foreign trade services, based on the attitude and competence of our staff.


A small selection of our customers:

CEYCA is a company that in addition to having over 15 years experience in the environment our customers support us.

We offer quality services with proven results reflected in time and cost.

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How can we help you ?

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Contact us

Address: Calle Clavel Num. 112 Fracc. Villa de las Flores C.P 89603 Altamira Tamaulipas
Phone: +52 (833) 264-6858
Whatsapp: 8333840268
E-mail: ymartinez@ceycaad.com

Comercio Exterior y Conexos Asociados S.C